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Woodland Cemetery 1972


My paternal grandfather's grave marker


Some of my earliest memories include riding with my parents and listening to them talk about our family history. My father talked about his attempts to locate his father’s grave. His father, Percy White Sr. died in 1947 and was buried in Woodland Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, at that time, a prestigious African American cemetery. My father attended his funeral. He was 21 at the time. Over the years, cemetery maintenance decreased and Woodlawn fell into disrepair. It was not long before grass, weeds, and shrubs blanketed the grounds so that only the tallest of memorials could be seen, (see top photo).


My father died in February of 2000. With the information he provided over the years and with help of my family, I found Woodland Cemetery. Caretaker and owner at the time, Isaiah Entzminger helped me locate the exact location of my grandfather's grave. It was not marked. I purchased a granite marker and had it placed at the head of his grave, (see second top photo). I later learned my grandfather is buried next to his mother, Cora B. Miles.


Finding Percy White Sr's grave is one of my greatest accomplishments. I know my father and grandfather would be proud of me.


Paternal grandfather - Percy White Sr.


Father - Percy White Jr.


Me - Percy White III


After sharing the information with my immediate family, I made the information available to extended family. I created Find Family Roots to honor my father, grandfather, and family, and to memorialize the rich, diverse, and difficult history of African Americans.

Find Family Roots is divided into two major sections; African American History and Viewers' Families. The Men, Women, Churches, Cemeteries, Schools, Historic Places Visited, and Museums pages explore the familiar and not well known people, places, and events in African American History.

The Viewer's Families, Posting Pictures, and Genealogy AssistaMence pages assist you in researching and sharing your family history.


I conducted the research, explored the locations, took all photos (except where indicated) and now, share my findings with you.


Percy White

Website Historian/Genealogist/Photographer