Genealogy Assistance
Explore Your Family History

Learning about your family history can be an amazing experience. Who are your great grandparents? What were their occupations? Could they read and write?  Find Family Roots makes learning about your family history easy and affordable. My services focus on the US with an emphasis on Virginia. 


    • You pay ONLY if information is found.
    • While I can not guarantee information will be found, I will conduct your family history search for the period of time you designate. 
    • The cost is $50.00 per hour for the amount of time you request. Use the link below to purchase.  

The way it works:

          Download, complete, and return the below Agreement and
 Family History Form.

          Email the forms back to me Percy White, at and I will begin the search.         

Genealogy Research Agreement A
Family History Form

You choose the number of hours to be researched. The minimum is one hour.